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Sep 30, 2018

“Whomever is not against us, is for us!” 

We are all vulnerable to sin and temptation. While a major act of sinfulness can condemn us, it is also true that small choices of selfishness can gradually do likewise. In each exists a separate choice to isolate ourselves until we become lost without God’s presence.  In...

Sep 23, 2018

God places before us the proof of His power, goodness, and mercy!  The victory of Jesus over sin and death is all the proof you will ever need.  Daily morning prayer will further this proof in our own lives, words, and actions.


The Love of Christ Urges Us On!

Sep 16, 2018

Jesus asked His disciples “Who do people say that I am?”  Having the correct answer, as Peter did, expresses our belief system.  Our beliefs determine our lifestyle as our Faith is expressed by corresponding action.  Faith apart from action is useless.


How you believe is how you live. Where our thoughts are,...

Sep 10, 2018

God loves us so much! He offers you everything in Jesus, who paid the price for our failures; setting us free from guilt and shame.  Our Father offers us freedom from shackles and chains, so that you can know who you are as His sons and daughters. 

You will never fail!

Sep 3, 2018

Be doers of The Word, and not hearers only! 

When Moses presented the Ten Commandments, it was an intimate moment between God and His people.  This intimate relationship makes obedience easy by conforming the follower to The Beloved One.  In God’s Law, we are kept safe and close to its Giver, promoting a loving...