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Sep 28, 2017

Fr. Peter preaches on the Revelation of Prayer. How do we get to know a person? How do we get to know our Lord?

Sep 20, 2017

The Love of Christ Urges Us On - Homily Series Strong Reliance On Daily Prayer - I As we sit on the lap of Holy Mother Church and listen, she offers us three important insights about the life of prayer!

Sep 13, 2017

A return expedition to the North Pole offers us a confirmation that the vision we have embraced here at St. Louise is a fulfillment of our Archbishop's desire for every Christian and Catholic Parish in South East Detroit! Our homily series, the love of Christ urges us on, is going to help us allow the light, warmth,...

Sep 11, 2017

A pilgrimage to Rome, Nazareth and Monte Cassino gives us the opportunity to allow the Good News of Jesus to permeate our life of work, study, and retirement.