The human spirit can never be imprisoned.  The power of God will break down and free you from the walls of negativity.  With Jesus, you can walk out of the prison of negativity and be free!

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Only a relationship with God can bring us satisfaction and fulfillment.  Entering more fully into the movement called “Unleash the Gospel” our parishioners actively participate in the Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  Let our parish be a spiritual lifeboat of Hope and Salvation for those souls who are drowning in the material world.


What we do for others, we do for God!

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The Good News is that The Lord keeps calling us.  Deep within our brokenness lays hope, insight, and spirit.  This is where God dwells and does His best work!  It must be spread to our families and friends.

Remember to sign up for the Archbishop’s Six-Day Challenge today! Text 'GOSPEL' to 484848 and follow the link.

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Archbishop Vigneron calls us to Unleash the Gospel because God wants Warren back!

THE GOSPEL:  the power of God to make all things new.

UNLEASH:  facilitating other people encountering Jesus.

It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work Unleashing the Gospel in our lives, in our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities! Sign up for the Archbishop’s challenge today!

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May we become joyful missionaries. May we know God, and make Him known.  May we live the Gospel, bowing our heads to the will of the Father.   May we look at the Blessed Face of Jesus, and be one.

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