We are created to be loved and to love.  With the ascension of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, God hears a human voice in Heaven.  God longs to hear your voice in His home.  Our Father’s love urges us to share with others the hope we have in Jesus.

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We no longer have to look up to see Jesus;  He calls us to look within to find Him.

The God's supernatural power enables us to do what is otherwise impossible: forgive those who have wronged us.

Jesus prayed for the strength to forgive.  He knew that authentic forgiveness is a powerful act, linked with mercy, charity, and set in motion through Love.  

Jesus embodied this and asks us to do the same.

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Going through Life just minding your own business?

Jesus tells us that love IS your business.

The four expressions of love: Patience, humility, generosity and kindness.

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Who are we and how do we tell others who we are?  St John tells us: “Let us love in deed and in truth, and not just talk about it.”   It is how we live our lives that identifies us as Christians.  Love is our identity, our trademark, and our Christian uniform. 

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When we believe and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus with Faith, that same power that raised Him from the dead, now lives in us!  The four circles of Love lead us to pass from death to Life, from fear to Freedom, and from hatred to Love.  See what love the Father has bestowed on us to make us children of God. 

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The greatest act of God’s love for us is making us sons and daughters by His son, Jesus.  Jesus has always appeared to those most needy and in need to be loved.  We must do what is right and good to those closest to us, as well as those who are far from us.  In doing so, we choose to become the source of Love; we choose become Christ to that neighbor.

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God comes to us in Truth and in Love.  Love conquers Sin just as the Cross conquered Death.  Love is the motive behind all the good that we do, and it will always seek the Everlasting Good…because that’s where its Author dwells.

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When we believe in Jesus, we are begotten by God!   We become God’s sons and daughters.   

Easter taught us that God loves us, both by His word and deed.  How should we respond?  By loving each other…both in word and deed!

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God created us to be loved!  The miracle of Easter is that everything dead, will be restored to life by God.  By the Resurrection of Jesus, Sin and Death have been conquered.  Our debt has been covered and God tells us: “Let me show you a new way of Life!”

Believe it: you are worthy of Love!

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Pilate asked Jesus: “What is Truth?”  

The answer is on the cross: Love’s gift to humankind.

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