The Love of Christ Urges Us On - Homily Series Strong Reliance On Daily Prayer - I As we sit on the lap of Holy Mother Church and listen, she offers us three important insights about the life of prayer!

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A return expedition to the North Pole offers us a confirmation that the vision we have embraced here at St. Louise is a fulfillment of our Archbishop's desire for every Christian and Catholic Parish in South East Detroit! Our homily series, the love of Christ urges us on, is going to help us allow the light, warmth, power, and love of Jesus to transform every aspect of our lives!

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A pilgrimage to Rome, Nazareth and Monte Cassino gives us the opportunity to allow the Good News of Jesus to permeate our life of work, study, and retirement.

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The presence, actions and words of Jesus cause a sense of awe, wonder, and amazement to well up in one's soul! Have you lost your sense of wonder before the presence of Jesus? An expedition to the North Pole just might reveal why!

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What is the Gift of Jesus? Understanding His Gift helps us to trustingly embrace His Silence and harshness.

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 When our Father speaks to us, because He is TRUTH and LIGHT, it is a pure revelation of His heart. Today, in the Gospel, our Father reveals His profound desire that we listen to Jesus.

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Jesus points the way to a DISCOVERY that will become the source of an unspeakable PEACE, JOY, and PURPOSE!

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The Bride of Jesus asked our Father to open the heavens and shower His grace and blessings in abundance upon us. What can we do to dispose ourselves to receive this downpour of His Blessings?

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In today's Gospel, we find a simple and easy to understand invitation from Jesus and yet if we respond that which He promises is amazing and overwhelming! We'll approach His invitation through the lens of growth and joy!

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Why have we embraced the custom of prayer partners at St. Louise? What can we expect as we embrace more fully this wonderful custom?

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