In our on-going Homily series, “Immerse Yourself in Scripture”, Father Peter uses examples from the Old and New Testaments to explain how sacrifice and suffering leads to redemption.  Jesus, the Lamb of God, has endured tremendous suffering; sacrificing His precious Body and Blood so that we would be redeemed from sin!   

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The Love of Christ urges us on through the Holy Word of God!  From childhood to adulthood, The Bible is a treasured gift from God overflowing with goodness.  Approach it with Wonder, Joy and Gratitude and immerse yourself in Scripture!

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Deacon Bill teaches us how the twofold commandment of Love calls Christians out of the shadows and into the Light.

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Through the “Our Father“ prayer, Jesus inspires us to live our life for our Father.

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Fr. Peter introduces the most beautiful and perfect prayer: the Our Father. Discover what the prayer Jesus taught us teaches us about our Father and ourselves!

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To recognize and therefore enjoy the presence of Jesus at all times. The title of the homily is also the goal of the life of prayer. The experience of the apostles and the teachings of Holy Mother Church will inspire you to take your next step in the life of prayer!

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The foundation of a meaningful and fulfilling life offers us a key to an abundant prayer life!

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Fr. Peter preaches on the Revelation of Prayer. How do we get to know a person? How do we get to know our Lord?

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The Love of Christ Urges Us On - Homily Series Strong Reliance On Daily Prayer - I As we sit on the lap of Holy Mother Church and listen, she offers us three important insights about the life of prayer!

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A return expedition to the North Pole offers us a confirmation that the vision we have embraced here at St. Louise is a fulfillment of our Archbishop's desire for every Christian and Catholic Parish in South East Detroit! Our homily series, the love of Christ urges us on, is going to help us allow the light, warmth, power, and love of Jesus to transform every aspect of our lives!

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