The Word of God, the prayers of the Bride of Jesus, and the actions of Jesus all encourage us to live our life for the Lord!

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Jesus brings us to a fork in the road of our life's journey! He engages us as He invites us to make a decision: will we live our lives for ourselves or for Him?

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In His Gospel, Jesus gives us a powerful image of His Mission and our Mission.

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Understanding the covenant we enter into anew and the promise we renew every time we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus will unlock the floodgates of our Lord's blessings upon our lives!

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A teaching of St. John Chrysostom shows us 5 ways we can allow Jesus to calm our storms and experience His love and mercy!

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Our Father has chosen to communicate His love and an unshakable hope to us through a very common experience.

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Drawing near to the Word of God, let's listen attentively to what our Father is saying to us. As we look at our response to the Word of God, we'll see three initiatives that we are launching here at St. Louise.

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There is a life changing power in communion with the Body and Blood of Jesus! St. John Marie Vianney will give us the key to unlock the treasure of God's grace!

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Isaiah, Abraham, Martha, and Mary have something to tell you that will not just change your life but the course of history!

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