The proclamation of the Word of God ought to inspire you to have a great confidence in Jesus! If you're not inspired, why is that?

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Summoning us to the glory of now being called a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a Holy proclaim everywhere your mighty works!


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The total acceptance of Jesus as your King, Lord and Savior is the only way to heaven!

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How do you respond to the gift of Jesus? Your response impacts how you live. How you live impacts how you die. How you die impacts how you will live forever. Will your response lead you to the purifying fire of purgatory?

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What happens when we die? Jesus and only Jesus can overcome our fears!

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In His Holy Gospel, Jesus reveals the make up of our parish family and speaks a Word of love and power to each group!

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Our Father speaks to us and shows us the path of life. Without obedience, not only will our life not get better, but we also risk our eternal salvation. 
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When you arrive at the Awesome Judgment Seat of Christ, what will He ask you; what will He show you?

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The Word of God, the prayers of the Bride of Jesus, and the actions of Jesus all encourage us to live our life for the Lord!

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Jesus brings us to a fork in the road of our life's journey! He engages us as He invites us to make a decision: will we live our lives for ourselves or for Him?

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