In today's Gospel, we find a simple and easy to understand invitation from Jesus and yet if we respond that which He promises is amazing and overwhelming! We'll approach His invitation through the lens of growth and joy!

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Why have we embraced the custom of prayer partners at St. Louise? What can we expect as we embrace more fully this wonderful custom?

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To understand, to live life well, to live life to the fullest, it only makes sense through lens of love.

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Every time we participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we have an extraordinary opportunity to say to our Father "Yes! I believe in your love for me!" by receiving with faith the holy body and blood of Jesus, His Son!

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What is the first and most important thing our Father asks of you?

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Our Lord seeks to renew and enter into a covenant with each one of us. Through today's feast, He lays out very clearly what He asks of us and what He promises if we say "yes!" and take His hand.

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As we see and experience together all that our Father has done for us, only one explanation emerges!

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Today in a city of Samaria we discover what happens when Christians embrace their dignity and responsibility!

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Our moms, Fr. James Mallon, and St. Peter encourage us to respond to all Jesus has done for us!

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When we allow the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, ears, and heart, we hear and recognize the voice and presence of Jesus, our Good Shepherd!

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