Jesus is waiting for you to open the door, welcome Him in and allow Him to take His proper place in your life. If you do so, He will serve eviction papers to your unwanted guests!

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Today, Jesus is ready to entrust us with His Mission and send us forth in His Name to be the salt and light of the world. A look back will prepare us to embrace our mission with confidence!

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Jesus' love for us is far more expansive than the four walls of our Church! Today He reveals how we are to welcome Him into our daily lives!

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We praise our Father for His promise and we discover how Jesus will break into our daily lives!

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Today you will encounter and meet the Lamb of God and the Son of God! How will you recognize Him? Upon Him whom you see the Holy Spirit descend and remain, He is the Lamb of God!

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Today, the Bride of Jesus has asked for an extraordinary grace for you and in asking she also reveals something essential about our faith in Jesus.

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What would happen if you were to welcome and receive the gift of faith in Jesus? God's Holy Word reveals three things that would happen to you and your life!  Let us also seek a confirmation of these three things in the life of the Mother of Jesus!

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Our Father has prepared a most wondrous gift for you. Your welcoming and receiving this gift will be a defining moment and turning point in your life!

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What Jesus has done for you and what He does for you is a cool test to see if something is true or not. Let's take a look at this idea: "I have no sin!" to see if it is true or not.

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III Sunday of Advent: Gaudete - December 11, 2016

What's holding you back from responding with all your heart to our Lord's invitation to rejoice?

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