Today in a city of Samaria we discover what happens when Christians embrace their dignity and responsibility!

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Our moms, Fr. James Mallon, and St. Peter encourage us to respond to all Jesus has done for us!

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When we allow the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, ears, and heart, we hear and recognize the voice and presence of Jesus, our Good Shepherd!

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In His Gospel today, Jesus is revealing that He has established a way for you and I to experience in a tangible way His victory over sin and death, His presence, and His love for us.
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Our Father so desires for the victory of His Son, Jesus, to touch and transform our lives! He shows us: for us to become what He is calling us to be, a wonderful exchange takes place!

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As we gaze with love upon the Son of God on the Cross, our Father is ready to give us and strengthen within us the gift of faith! As we contemplate the question "why did Jesus die?", our love for Jesus and our desire for Him to be our Savior grows!

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Today our Father invites you into His loving embrace! As you sit in His lap, He speaks to you of a great promise: your resurrection from the dead!

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Our Father is calling us to rejoice in anticipation of the victory of His Son, Jesus, over sin and death. St. Paul and King David exhort us to turn to Jesus and turn our backs to darkness. Our being touched by the victory of Jesus helps us to embrace our mission here at St. Louise.

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Jesus desires to lead you to new heights! Let's take a look at two ways we can allow Jesus to bring us to an experience where we behold His glory, beauty and splendor!

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Through our worship, our Father nourishes our faith, increases our hope and strengthens our charity.

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