Our parish family celebrated the solemn and somber funeral rites for Staff Sergeant Marcus Bawol this past Thursday. Because Marcus understood his goal: to protect our nation from its enemies, he embraced with love, dedication and courage the discipline and training necessary for him to accomplish his goal. This Holy Week, we'll draw near to our Savior as He embraces His discipline and training. What was Jesus' goal? Why did He embrace His suffering and death?

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The experience of unending frustrations can cause us to give up on life. A right understanding of what happiness is offers us a way out. Drawing near to Jesus on the Cross, we discover the nature of love and life and happiness!

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St. Paul speaks to us of the gift of God in his letter to the Ephesians. What impact does this gift have on our lives? In order to receive this gift, what does the Father ask of us?

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In His Holy Gospel, Jesus is always revealing His plan on our lives! In today's Gospel, we encounter Jesus' desire to lead us in an ascent that will allow us to behold His Glory. Although fear causes us to hesitate, what we experience in Holy Mass ought to set us free of fear and fill us with a lively confidence in our Lord's goodness and love!

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What gets in the way of Jesus having an impact on our lives?  The temptations the evil one brought against our Lord are used against us as traps and chains. What would happen if we let go and place our lives in Jesus' Hands?



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