Whose child are you? How you answer that question will reveal much about your relationship with our Heavenly Father and to what degree you understand the tremendous gift He offers you in the Body and Blood of His Son, Jesus!

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Jesus so desires to enter our hearts and establish His peace! This evening we'll take a road trip to three places to unlock the mysteries of today's Solemnity of Pentecost: Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire, your hearts, and a friends house. The lessons we learn on Mount Sunapee we will see played out in our hearts. We'll then learn about true friendship from Aristotle to understand the transformation Jesus wants to bring about in our lives and community.

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God our Father rejoiced mightily when His Son, Jesus, ascended to His Right Hand! In Jesus' Most Sacred Humanity, at last, a son of Adam has entered definitively into the eternal life of love for which we were created! Our life of faith ought to be lived out in anticipation of our participation in the great wedding feast of Jesus and His Bride, the Church!

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