Our Lord, through St. Paul, teaches us a new way to live out our faith. In the morning, we should not allow our first thoughts to blindly influence and impact our day and our outlook. Jesus became incarnate in the womb of our Blessed Mother so that we can learn to follow His example by living in friendship with Him. 

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There is a sharp contrast between the light, joy, and splendor of Jesus' birth and the loneliness, anger and darkness that can envelope our hearts. An encounter with Jesus is that which our heart seeks and thirsts for. This encounter draws us into the joy and light of our Savior's birth. 

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An insight of St. Irenaeus helps us to understand what Our Father reveals to us in the gift of His Son, Jesus: just as a doctor is judged by his care of the sick so God is known by His conduct towards men. Advent is a special time of year to recognize our spiritual ailments and bring them to Jesus. 

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During the Christmas Season, in many of our homes, lots of recipes are being followed to make wonderful Christmas cookies and treats. Cardinal Mayer, a very holy Benedictine Cardinal, formulated a glorious recipe for joy. The first ingredient is the most difficult, but once we make the move, the other ingredients follow.

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Just as the physical wounds that we suffer don't go away without the proper care and attention so too our spiritual wounds need to be brought to the Divine Physician.  Our Blessed Mother was prepared as the most beautiful and pure dwelling for God our Father's Divine Son, Jesus. 

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The Season of Advent is a glorious time of preparation for a threefold coming of Jesus.  Just as we prepare and clean our homes in a special way when we have a guest coming over so too during the Season of Advent there are spiritual chores that we do everyday to ensure that we can welcome Jesus into pure, warm and welcoming and joyful hearts.

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