Our Lord, through St. Paul, teaches us a new way to live out our faith. In the morning, we should not allow our first thoughts to blindly influence and impact our day and our outlook. Jesus became incarnate in the womb of our Blessed Mother so that we can learn to follow His example by living in friendship with Him. 

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There is a sharp contrast between the light, joy, and splendor of Jesus' birth and the loneliness, anger and darkness that can envelope our hearts. An encounter with Jesus is that which our heart seeks and thirsts for. This encounter draws us into the joy and light of our Savior's birth. 

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An insight of St. Irenaeus helps us to understand what Our Father reveals to us in the gift of His Son, Jesus: just as a doctor is judged by his care of the sick so God is known by His conduct towards men. Advent is a special time of year to recognize our spiritual ailments and bring them to Jesus. 

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During the Christmas Season, in many of our homes, lots of recipes are being followed to make wonderful Christmas cookies and treats. Cardinal Mayer, a very holy Benedictine Cardinal, formulated a glorious recipe for joy. The first ingredient is the most difficult, but once we make the move, the other ingredients follow.

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Just as the physical wounds that we suffer don't go away without the proper care and attention so too our spiritual wounds need to be brought to the Divine Physician.  Our Blessed Mother was prepared as the most beautiful and pure dwelling for God our Father's Divine Son, Jesus. 

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The Season of Advent is a glorious time of preparation for a threefold coming of Jesus.  Just as we prepare and clean our homes in a special way when we have a guest coming over so too during the Season of Advent there are spiritual chores that we do everyday to ensure that we can welcome Jesus into pure, warm and welcoming and joyful hearts.

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Fr. John Hardon, a saintly Jesuit of our times, witnessed innumerable miraculous healings throughout his priesthood.  Jesus desires to heal our vision so that we might be open to His healing power over all aspects of our lives.

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Jesus visit to Zacchaeus' home reveals our Lord's desire to redefine His relationship with us. This personal encounter and relationship with Jesus transforms us and impels us to tell others about Him!

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The life experience of my great-grandfather crossing the ocean from Sicily to America and then going back to get his family and bring them to the States offers us some insights into how our Lord guides us. 

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If we don't know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him, the reality of death is terribly frightening.  Prayerful reading of Sacred Scripture helps us to get to know Jesus and understand the meaning of death in the light of Jesus' love and promises for us.

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The liturgy of the Word this Sunday helps us to understand one of the aspects of our life of prayer: Christian prayer heals our wounds.

When we don't draw near to Jesus through a life of prayer, our wounds don't heal and this leads us to live on the outskirts of our family and society.  As we learn to draw near to Jesus with our wounds, we experience the power of His transforming and healing love which makes us disciples of this very same healing love in the lives of others.

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The liturgy of the word lends itself beautifully to the alpha question of the week: how can we have faith?  Nicky explains the three facets of faith: 1) the promises of Jesus as a foundation of faith; 2) the works of Jesus become motives of our belief; and 3) the witness of the Holy Spirit is an experience of the power of Jesus' transforming love. An image inspired from the book of Revelation helps us to understand how we can stir into flame the fire of faith.

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"I still have much to learn!" These words of the 94 year old Cardinal Mayer help us all to acknowledge that our knowledge of most things in life is superficial. This is the great blessing of the alpha course: it allows us the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of our faith. 

"Why did Jesus die?" is a question that we all know how to answer: to save us from our sins. The follow up question is more challenging: how did Jesus' death save us from our sins. In the homily, we looked at the consequences of our sins and how Jesus' death saves us from sin. 

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The experience of deer hunting offers an insight to the value and importance of the Alpha sessions and gives rise to an exhortation to the youth inspired by the Gospel of the dishonest steward. 

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Three times in today's Holy Gospel, our Lord invites us to share in His joy and to rejoice with all the saints and angels in heaven.  The post Communion prayer and an image inspired from the parable of the prodigal son help us to understand how we can share more fully in God's rejoicing.

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St. Francis de Sales' insights into the joys of heaven helps us to understand the special relationship that Holy Mary enjoys with her Divine Son. Mary's being the mother of Jesus and His first disciple makes her a credible and convincing witness of the Gospel, the "Good News," that we are loved by God and redeemed by Jesus' Passion, Death and Resurrection.

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The Papal "Redemptoris Mater" Chapel offers us the key to unlock the Gate of Heaven! Our Lord, present in His priest, when He stands at the altar, opens for us the eternal life of love which gives direction and meaning to our lives. 

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The litmus test that helps us to understand how blessed we are at OLGC to have two wonderful initiatives of the New Evangelization in the works and already bearing fruit, the Alpha program for Catholics and the OLGC smartphone application (app) for the iOS and Android platforms. In addition to the parish website, the parish maintains a Facebook page, a YouTube page, a blog page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram page. 

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Both in the book of Genesis and in today's Holy Gospel, we see how our Lord draws near to us. Our living in a rut and or our living in the lions' den impede our ability to recognize our Lord's nearness and hear His voice. What our Lord did for us on Holy Thursday allows us to arise from our darkness and encounter our Lord in one another.

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The tremendous insight of the Second Vatican Council that God saves us not as individuals but as a family guides our reflection on today's Holy Gospel.  A common error and something we lack gets in the way of our living out this truth to the fullest.  St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catechism offer us the truth and the remedy to open our ears to the sweet pleadings of our Lord.

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