“Love One another”.  What happened when you first heard Our Lord’s Commandment…and what did you do with it?  Jesus showed us for what reason it is done; the disciples showed us how it was done.  Know God, and make God known.

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The greatest gift God has ever given us is our Mothers.  From Genesis to Revelation, and especially in the heart of the Gospels, Our Lord speaks about Motherhood.  Today we thank the Lord God for the gift of our Mothers.  “Behold, your Mother!” 

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The disciples recognized Jesus by His Love!  How are we responding to that love?   Let your heart be moved with gratitude and praise to claim Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  May we proclaim that He is worthy of all glory, all honor, and all praise!

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“Jesus, I trust in YOU!”  The power of the Resurrection can work miracles.  This is the Good News of God’s love, His mercy, and His forgiveness.  God’s forgiveness to us depends on extending forgiveness to others.

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