Lent is our homecoming time. Let us repent while we have the chance. We cannot see Jesus unless we look at ourselves through Lenten self-repentance.  Let us turn to Christ, acknowledge our failings, and receive His mercy, forgiveness, and the promise of eternal life!

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God brightens the way of our spiritual journeys by providing both faith and hope.  Through the Transfiguration, the hope of the disciples was needed to witness the Passion of Our Lord.  We too need hope and faith to endure our own difficulties. Remember, God doesn’t care about our failures…rather, God rejoices with each attempt to know and love Him. 

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Lent reminds us that while Jesus had temptations, we will be tested as well. God’s Word is a shield against the temptations of the evil one and preserve the peace in our hearts.  With faithfulness to God’s Word, Our Lord’s saving power will carry us through to share the triumph of Easter.

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"Every disciple will be like his Teacher."  This means that what we say, and how we say it, will be fruitful if the words come from a heart full of goodness.  May the words of our mouths be words of peace and hope and encouragement.  When you speak, let others hear the voice of Jesus!

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