It is not impossible to love our enemies.  Jesus tells us that Love, not violence, is the only means to achieve anything.  Only forgiveness will truly heal us.  Let us pray for the grace to forgive.

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In God’s Word today, we find both a challenge and invitation!  All that Jesus has done for us: His death on the Cross, His rising from the dead, His mercy to sinners…Jesus did this so that we can continue His work of salvation. He gave us His abundant Love so that we could know how to love others.  Nothing can separate us from His Love!

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Let us follow our Archbishop’s lead to “Unleash the Gospel!”  The love that we celebrate on the altar demands to be shared.  Jesus is longing for you to welcome Him into your boat so that He can be known by others through you.  God asks, “Whom shall I send?”  Our answer is: “Here I am, Lord!”

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Is it easier to forgive, or to seek forgiveness?  To forgive is to call on the Lord’s strength in order to love the offender.  When we ask God to help us to forgive, we are making the choice to love, and God supplies the grace.  The same mercy we show others when we forgive, is rendered Divine in the sacrament of reconciliation.

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