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Dec 25, 2018

"This is the time of fulfillment", says the Lord, "the Kingdom of God is at hand!"  Jesus came to build His Kingdom, and Christmas marks the day when we can start living in it!

Dec 16, 2018

Ask God to reveal to you why Jesus was born on Christmas Day.  The great Joy that Jesus brings on Christmas remains in our hearts to celebrate every day.  Let every believer who has ever known Jesus experience complete and lasting Joy as we live our lives in loving and generous service for the Lord!

Dec 9, 2018

Prepare ye the Way of the Lord!  Jesus came to all of us in Truth and Love.  Let that Love build in us, doing as God had intended, and it will confirm the Truth that God is at work within us.  Let all flesh see the salvation of God!

Dec 8, 2018

Knowing how to pray is a lifelong learning experience, and the Lord is patient in showing us the way.  The first step is in knowing what prayer is:  Listening!  Listen in prayer just as Our Blessed Mother listened; never doubting God’s presence, God’s goodness, nor God’s Love!

Dec 2, 2018

This very first Sunday of Advent, we are invited to use these weeks to prepare and be ready for the coming of Jesus.   

Mother Teresa said “Give until it hurts.”  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave His life so that we could live! Our Lord truly “gave until it hurts” and then some!