How to pray:

  • Seek to understand how the Eucharist nourishes you by the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Allow His presence in the Holy Sacrament into your Life.  
  • Allow Him to penetrate deeply into your heart, your mind, and your soul and thus bear fruit in your life. By understanding the depth of the love of Jesus, no one can ever steal your Joy.
  • Ask the Lord to remove the thorns in your life, the anxieties and material temptations, so as to not choke out God’s Word.
  • Allow Jesus to sit in the Throne Room of your heart and your life, acknowledging Him as your Lord, Savior, and King.

Lord, help us to understand why you have come to us today!

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God calls us to a new kind of leadership which is called “Servant Leadership”.  A leader is called to serve not oneself, but to serve others who are entrusted to him or her.  Jesus is such a leader.  He came not to be served, but to serve.

When we gather for the Eucharist, it is an act of Love; reflecting the love of Jesus sacrificing Himself on the cross.

When we gather for the Eucharist, our loving Savior invites us to show love and compassion for the sheep without a shepherd.  

Let us answer His call today, for tomorrow may be too late.

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You can’t be saved by what you do.  There is nothing that ought to have power over your life other than the grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  

St Paul reminds us of who the Lord God is and what he has done for you. The Lord God wants to have a vibrant and life-giving personal relationship with you, where you lay your heart before Him and listen for His voice.  The Lord God has made His will known to us so that we might exist for the praise of His glory.

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God has a plan for you:  it is Life, not Death… Unity, not division…Love, not hatred.

When the burdens we carry cause us to lose hope, Jesus tells us not to give up, but to have faith in Him and no prayer will go unanswered.

Each time we receive the Holy Eucharist, we are receiving His touch through His body and blood.  As we bring him into our bodies, let us not be afraid to let Him into our hearts.

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