"This is the time of fulfillment", says the Lord, "the Kingdom of God is at hand!"  Jesus came to build His Kingdom, and Christmas marks the day when we can start living in it!

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Ask God to reveal to you why Jesus was born on Christmas Day.  The great Joy that Jesus brings on Christmas remains in our hearts to celebrate every day.  Let every believer who has ever known Jesus experience complete and lasting Joy as we live our lives in loving and generous service for the Lord!

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Prepare ye the Way of the Lord!  Jesus came to all of us in Truth and Love.  Let that Love build in us, doing as God had intended, and it will confirm the Truth that God is at work within us.  Let all flesh see the salvation of God!

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Knowing how to pray is a lifelong learning experience, and the Lord is patient in showing us the way.  The first step is in knowing what prayer is:  Listening!  Listen in prayer just as Our Blessed Mother listened; never doubting God’s presence, God’s goodness, nor God’s Love!

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This very first Sunday of Advent, we are invited to use these weeks to prepare and be ready for the coming of Jesus.   

Mother Teresa said “Give until it hurts.”  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave His life so that we could live! Our Lord truly “gave until it hurts” and then some!

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The human spirit can never be imprisoned.  The power of God will break down and free you from the walls of negativity.  With Jesus, you can walk out of the prison of negativity and be free!

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Only a relationship with God can bring us satisfaction and fulfillment.  Entering more fully into the movement called “Unleash the Gospel” our parishioners actively participate in the Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  Let our parish be a spiritual lifeboat of Hope and Salvation for those souls who are drowning in the material world.


What we do for others, we do for God!

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The Good News is that The Lord keeps calling us.  Deep within our brokenness lays hope, insight, and spirit.  This is where God dwells and does His best work!  It must be spread to our families and friends.

Remember to sign up for the Archbishop’s Six-Day Challenge today! Text 'GOSPEL' to 484848 and follow the link.

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Archbishop Vigneron calls us to Unleash the Gospel because God wants Warren back!

THE GOSPEL:  the power of God to make all things new.

UNLEASH:  facilitating other people encountering Jesus.

It is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work Unleashing the Gospel in our lives, in our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities! Sign up for the Archbishop’s challenge today!

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May we become joyful missionaries. May we know God, and make Him known.  May we live the Gospel, bowing our heads to the will of the Father.   May we look at the Blessed Face of Jesus, and be one.

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The Love of Christ urges us on! 

What we do in Our Father’s house on Sunday, should transform into our daily lives Monday through Saturday as well.  

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It is the duty of every Christian to evangelize and bring the Good News to the world!  We evangelize with our lives, our prayers, our resources, our service, and our Love by giving without expecting in return. 

Greatness is not in what we have, nor of what we can get; Greatness is in what we give of ourselves to others.

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Our God is good!  He made us, male and female, to live in harmony with one another and have a special place in His creation.  We are all a part of God’s family, and every Sunday, we are invited to His table to receive His son, Jesus!

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“Whomever is not against us, is for us!” 

We are all vulnerable to sin and temptation. While a major act of sinfulness can condemn us, it is also true that small choices of selfishness can gradually do likewise. In each exists a separate choice to isolate ourselves until we become lost without God’s presence.  In these turbulent times, we must take an active role in battling sin by collectively showing the world what Christian prayer looks like!

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God places before us the proof of His power, goodness, and mercy!  The victory of Jesus over sin and death is all the proof you will ever need.  Daily morning prayer will further this proof in our own lives, words, and actions.


The Love of Christ Urges Us On!

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Jesus asked His disciples “Who do people say that I am?”  Having the correct answer, as Peter did, expresses our belief system.  Our beliefs determine our lifestyle as our Faith is expressed by corresponding action.  Faith apart from action is useless.


How you believe is how you live. Where our thoughts are, there We are!  When we save our thoughts, we save ourselves!

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God loves us so much! He offers you everything in Jesus, who paid the price for our failures; setting us free from guilt and shame.  Our Father offers us freedom from shackles and chains, so that you can know who you are as His sons and daughters. 

You will never fail!

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Be doers of The Word, and not hearers only! 

When Moses presented the Ten Commandments, it was an intimate moment between God and His people.  This intimate relationship makes obedience easy by conforming the follower to The Beloved One.  In God’s Law, we are kept safe and close to its Giver, promoting a loving relationship with Him.

God’s Law is not a burden.

God’s Law is a gift.

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Today, Jesus is showing us the way Home to our Heavenly inheritance. 

Become what you receive!

In faithfully receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist, let us strive to love one another as He loves us.

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For weeks now, the Gospels have confirmed that Jesus is the Bread of Life, reminding us of the importance of the Eucharist in our Christian Life.  God invites us to His banquet, where Jesus is both the giver and the gift.  The Bread of Life strengthens our unity with Christ and with one another.  Anyone who eats of this bread, will live forever!

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As a boy, Jesus was loved, cared for, and clothed by His Mother at the beginning of each day.  Today, the roles are reversed as Jesus joyfully clothes Mother Mary with Eternal Life!

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God answers our deepest needs by filling us with the Bread of Truth by sending His only begotten Son to save us from our own selfishness.  The Bread of Truth and the model for giving and receiving is Jesus Christ!

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How to pray:

  • Seek to understand how the Eucharist nourishes you by the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Allow His presence in the Holy Sacrament into your Life.  
  • Allow Him to penetrate deeply into your heart, your mind, and your soul and thus bear fruit in your life. By understanding the depth of the love of Jesus, no one can ever steal your Joy.
  • Ask the Lord to remove the thorns in your life, the anxieties and material temptations, so as to not choke out God’s Word.
  • Allow Jesus to sit in the Throne Room of your heart and your life, acknowledging Him as your Lord, Savior, and King.

Lord, help us to understand why you have come to us today!

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God calls us to a new kind of leadership which is called “Servant Leadership”.  A leader is called to serve not oneself, but to serve others who are entrusted to him or her.  Jesus is such a leader.  He came not to be served, but to serve.

When we gather for the Eucharist, it is an act of Love; reflecting the love of Jesus sacrificing Himself on the cross.

When we gather for the Eucharist, our loving Savior invites us to show love and compassion for the sheep without a shepherd.  

Let us answer His call today, for tomorrow may be too late.

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You can’t be saved by what you do.  There is nothing that ought to have power over your life other than the grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  

St Paul reminds us of who the Lord God is and what he has done for you. The Lord God wants to have a vibrant and life-giving personal relationship with you, where you lay your heart before Him and listen for His voice.  The Lord God has made His will known to us so that we might exist for the praise of His glory.

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God has a plan for you:  it is Life, not Death… Unity, not division…Love, not hatred.

When the burdens we carry cause us to lose hope, Jesus tells us not to give up, but to have faith in Him and no prayer will go unanswered.

Each time we receive the Holy Eucharist, we are receiving His touch through His body and blood.  As we bring him into our bodies, let us not be afraid to let Him into our hearts.

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Think of all that Jesus is offering you:  a real relationship of friendship through daily prayer; a conversation, immersed in Scripture, to give you strength, consolation, and love.  Jesus offers you an experience through the sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist and a community of Love.  It is in gratitude and Faith that we share these blessings with other people.

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Imagine the Kingdom of God as a giant tree and we are like birds, chirping together and meeting one another.  It is there we learn patience by interacting and nurturing Love through inclusive Faith.  Deacon Charlie Pace describes the Art of the Encounter and how to let God into the conversation.

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Our Fifth Pillar Homily Series: GO FORTH!  The words of St Paul and the teachings of our Archbishop make it clear that we are responsible for what happens to others;  living life and doing your own thing is not an option.   

We are called to Go Forth and intimately share in the mission of Jesus and the Church.  God wants you to use your gifts to deliver the Good News and bring light, love, and healing to others...thus fulfilling the mission of the Church.

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“Go Forth!” 

Reflecting on the story of the Prodigal Son, we see the three aspects of Christian Life:  Divine Intimacy, authentic Community Friendship, and Fruitful Mission.  The Holy Spirit is warming our hearts, moving us forward to dwell in the friendship of the Father at all times…to come back Home.

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Peter Herbeck gives his personal testimony to the healing power of Jesus in our families and our lives.

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When is the last time you said “Thank You” to the Lord in your heart?  A grateful heart is a Joyful heart!  A grateful heart reminds you that Life is good!  This gratitude and joy can become the foundation of our lives.

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We are created to be loved and to love.  With the ascension of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, God hears a human voice in Heaven.  God longs to hear your voice in His home.  Our Father’s love urges us to share with others the hope we have in Jesus.

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We no longer have to look up to see Jesus;  He calls us to look within to find Him.

The God's supernatural power enables us to do what is otherwise impossible: forgive those who have wronged us.

Jesus prayed for the strength to forgive.  He knew that authentic forgiveness is a powerful act, linked with mercy, charity, and set in motion through Love.  

Jesus embodied this and asks us to do the same.

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Going through Life just minding your own business?

Jesus tells us that love IS your business.

The four expressions of love: Patience, humility, generosity and kindness.

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Who are we and how do we tell others who we are?  St John tells us: “Let us love in deed and in truth, and not just talk about it.”   It is how we live our lives that identifies us as Christians.  Love is our identity, our trademark, and our Christian uniform. 

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When we believe and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus with Faith, that same power that raised Him from the dead, now lives in us!  The four circles of Love lead us to pass from death to Life, from fear to Freedom, and from hatred to Love.  See what love the Father has bestowed on us to make us children of God. 

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The greatest act of God’s love for us is making us sons and daughters by His son, Jesus.  Jesus has always appeared to those most needy and in need to be loved.  We must do what is right and good to those closest to us, as well as those who are far from us.  In doing so, we choose to become the source of Love; we choose become Christ to that neighbor.

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God comes to us in Truth and in Love.  Love conquers Sin just as the Cross conquered Death.  Love is the motive behind all the good that we do, and it will always seek the Everlasting Good…because that’s where its Author dwells.

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When we believe in Jesus, we are begotten by God!   We become God’s sons and daughters.   

Easter taught us that God loves us, both by His word and deed.  How should we respond?  By loving each other…both in word and deed!

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God created us to be loved!  The miracle of Easter is that everything dead, will be restored to life by God.  By the Resurrection of Jesus, Sin and Death have been conquered.  Our debt has been covered and God tells us: “Let me show you a new way of Life!”

Believe it: you are worthy of Love!

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Pilate asked Jesus: “What is Truth?”  

The answer is on the cross: Love’s gift to humankind.

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On Holy Thursday we celebrate three anniversaries: The first Holy Mass, the institution of the ministerial priesthood, and Jesus’ new commandment: “Love one another, as I have loved you!” 

These three celebrations are the heart of our Faith.

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On this Palm Sunday, we enter Jerusalem with Jesus!

Deacon Charlie Pace explains that sin is a debt.  Jesus knew the price, and He paid it out fully in Love. 

That is why at the name “Jesus”, every knee should bend.


Direct download: 3-25-18_930am_Deacon_Charlie.mp3
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Moments of darkness, weakness, and failure can be moments of great change.  As we continue our Lenten journey and draw near Holy Week, Jesus reminds us of the great paradox of Life through Death:  “Unless a grain of wheat falls to Earth and dies, it remains a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit.”  So we too must die to Self and live for Jesus to produce the rich harvest of Life!


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We have been bit by a fiery serpent.  The antidote for the poison is found in Jesus; that whoever believes in Him, will have eternal Life.  Seeing that God is good, that God is Love…this is the antidote to that poison.

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The Love of Christ urges us on!

The Eucharist is the source and summit of the sacraments, confirming who we are and who God is.  Our Father has chosen to save us as His family.  By His gift of the Body and Blood of Jesus, God confirms us as beloved sons and daughters, as well as beloved brothers and sisters, making His home in your heart and in your life!

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Jesus’ whole life was aimed at saving people by His words, actions, and His touch. This is the foundation of the saving grace we now receive in the sacraments.  Father Peter explains that by the anointing of the Sick, Jesus continues to heal people today, touching us indirectly through the hands of the priest.  What Jesus did for countless people in Gospel times, He wants to do for us in modern times.

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Jesus heals us of our sins through the sacrament of Reconciliation. Open up your heart to Him and Receive His mercy, His grace, and His healing love to become the person Our Lord wants you to be!

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This Lenten Season, let us renew our commitment to be men and women of prayer!  As we receive the ashes, we turn our back to sin and place our lives once again in the hands of Jesus.  By also receiving His Most Holy Body and Blood, we shall rise from the ashes and live forever!

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Jesus is the Healer in our midst; Christ treated the leper with His mercy.  Deacon Charlie explains how we are called to the Common Priesthood of the Faithful.  Together with the Ministerial Priesthood, we form the Body of Christ.  Through prayer, we discern His calling.

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God has a plan for all of us, and by His love, we are called into service. With scripture and personal testimony, Deacon Charlie demonstrates how Sacramental Christian Marriage expresses God's plan.


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Nourished by the Seven Sacraments: Listening to the words of Jesus and following attentively His actions will open your life more and more to recognize, love and desire His Real Presence in the Eucharist!

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Deacon Charlie helps us to understand what an amazing gift the Father has given us in the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

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Intro to Nourished by the Sacraments: we were created to be in an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus! It is through the Sacraments that Jesus establishes us in this relationship and nourishes us with the warmth of His Love and Touch!

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Faith is an experience: the Lord breaks into our world, makes Himself present, speaks and acts in our life and we respond. When we encounter Jesus and respond with faith, what changes in our life?

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Children learn to perceive God by the teaching and example of their parents. The Holy Family is the model family, an icon of the Domestic Church, showing parents how to teach forgiveness, respect, fidelity, and prayer to their children. The Holy Family was built upon the foundation of God’s love; may God always be at the heart and center of our own families.

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