It is good and helpful to hear and be reminded of our Father's Amazing Love for us. For those who respond with faith to the gift of Jesus, joy and a new founded hope await in abundance!

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This is what it means to serve in the house of the Lord: to be obedient to His Will, to be one with His Will, and to reply to God's eternal promise with the heart of a servant.

We say "Yes"!

Direct download: 12-24-17_Deacon_Charlie_930am.mp3
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A vague Christianity extinguishes the light of faith. John the Baptist reveals the object of our faith: a living, Divine Person Jesus. Isaiah reveals the desire of Jesus’ Heart. How will you respond?

Direct download: 12-17-17_930am.mp3
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Why are you Catholic? A look at how the Good News of Jesus was proclaimed to the people of Mexico will help you answer the question!

Direct download: 12-10-17_Noon.mp3
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Pope Francis offers us encouragement, teaching and an example to inspire us to immerse our lives in Scripture!

Direct download: 12-03-17_10am.mp3
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Immersed in Scripture: some keys on how to read Scripture and be prepared for the most important conversation of your life!

Direct download: 11-26-17_10am.mp3
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In our on-going Homily series, “Immerse Yourself in Scripture”, Father Peter uses examples from the Old and New Testaments to explain how sacrifice and suffering leads to redemption.  Jesus, the Lamb of God, has endured tremendous suffering; sacrificing His precious Body and Blood so that we would be redeemed from sin!   

Direct download: 11-12-17_10am_Fr_Peter.mp3
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The Love of Christ urges us on through the Holy Word of God!  From childhood to adulthood, The Bible is a treasured gift from God overflowing with goodness.  Approach it with Wonder, Joy and Gratitude and immerse yourself in Scripture!

Direct download: 11-5-17_10am.mp3
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Deacon Bill teaches us how the twofold commandment of Love calls Christians out of the shadows and into the Light.

Direct download: 10-29-17_10am_Deacon_Bill.mp3
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Through the “Our Father“ prayer, Jesus inspires us to live our life for our Father.

Direct download: 10-22-17_10am.mp3
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Fr. Peter introduces the most beautiful and perfect prayer: the Our Father. Discover what the prayer Jesus taught us teaches us about our Father and ourselves!

Direct download: 10-15-17_10am.mp3
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To recognize and therefore enjoy the presence of Jesus at all times. The title of the homily is also the goal of the life of prayer. The experience of the apostles and the teachings of Holy Mother Church will inspire you to take your next step in the life of prayer!

Direct download: 10-08-17_10am.mp3
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The foundation of a meaningful and fulfilling life offers us a key to an abundant prayer life!

Direct download: 10-01-17_10am.mp3
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Fr. Peter preaches on the Revelation of Prayer. How do we get to know a person? How do we get to know our Lord?

Direct download: 9-24-17_10am.mp3
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The Love of Christ Urges Us On - Homily Series Strong Reliance On Daily Prayer - I As we sit on the lap of Holy Mother Church and listen, she offers us three important insights about the life of prayer!

Direct download: 9-17-17_wTestimony.mp3
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A return expedition to the North Pole offers us a confirmation that the vision we have embraced here at St. Louise is a fulfillment of our Archbishop's desire for every Christian and Catholic Parish in South East Detroit! Our homily series, the love of Christ urges us on, is going to help us allow the light, warmth, power, and love of Jesus to transform every aspect of our lives!

Direct download: 9-10-17.mp3
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A pilgrimage to Rome, Nazareth and Monte Cassino gives us the opportunity to allow the Good News of Jesus to permeate our life of work, study, and retirement.

Direct download: 9-3-17_10am.mp3
Category:Homily -- posted at: 2:02am PDT

The presence, actions and words of Jesus cause a sense of awe, wonder, and amazement to well up in one's soul! Have you lost your sense of wonder before the presence of Jesus? An expedition to the North Pole just might reveal why!

Direct download: 8-27-17_10am.mp3
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What is the Gift of Jesus? Understanding His Gift helps us to trustingly embrace His Silence and harshness.

Direct download: 8-20-17_10am.mp3
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 When our Father speaks to us, because He is TRUTH and LIGHT, it is a pure revelation of His heart. Today, in the Gospel, our Father reveals His profound desire that we listen to Jesus.

Direct download: 8-6-17_10am.mp3
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Jesus points the way to a DISCOVERY that will become the source of an unspeakable PEACE, JOY, and PURPOSE!

Direct download: 7-30-17_10am.mp3
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The Bride of Jesus asked our Father to open the heavens and shower His grace and blessings in abundance upon us. What can we do to dispose ourselves to receive this downpour of His Blessings?

Direct download: 7-23-17_10am.mp3
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In today's Gospel, we find a simple and easy to understand invitation from Jesus and yet if we respond that which He promises is amazing and overwhelming! We'll approach His invitation through the lens of growth and joy!

Direct download: 7-9-17_10am.mp3
Category:Homily -- posted at: 7:05am PDT

Why have we embraced the custom of prayer partners at St. Louise? What can we expect as we embrace more fully this wonderful custom?

Direct download: 7-2-17_10am.mp3
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To understand, to live life well, to live life to the fullest, it only makes sense through lens of love.

Direct download: 6-25-17_10am.mp3
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Every time we participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we have an extraordinary opportunity to say to our Father "Yes! I believe in your love for me!" by receiving with faith the holy body and blood of Jesus, His Son!

Direct download: 6-18-17_10am.mp3
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What is the first and most important thing our Father asks of you?

Direct download: 6-11-17_10am.mp3
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Our Lord seeks to renew and enter into a covenant with each one of us. Through today's feast, He lays out very clearly what He asks of us and what He promises if we say "yes!" and take His hand.

Direct download: 6-4-17_10am.mp3
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As we see and experience together all that our Father has done for us, only one explanation emerges!

Direct download: 5-28-17_10am.mp3
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Today in a city of Samaria we discover what happens when Christians embrace their dignity and responsibility!

Direct download: 5-21-17_10am.mp3
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Our moms, Fr. James Mallon, and St. Peter encourage us to respond to all Jesus has done for us!

Direct download: 5-14-17_10am.mp3
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When we allow the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, ears, and heart, we hear and recognize the voice and presence of Jesus, our Good Shepherd!

Direct download: 5-7-17_10am.mp3
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In His Gospel today, Jesus is revealing that He has established a way for you and I to experience in a tangible way His victory over sin and death, His presence, and His love for us.
Direct download: 4-30-17_10am.mp3
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Our Father so desires for the victory of His Son, Jesus, to touch and transform our lives! He shows us: for us to become what He is calling us to be, a wonderful exchange takes place!

Direct download: 4-15-17_Easter_Vigil.mp3
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As we gaze with love upon the Son of God on the Cross, our Father is ready to give us and strengthen within us the gift of faith! As we contemplate the question "why did Jesus die?", our love for Jesus and our desire for Him to be our Savior grows!

Direct download: 4-14-15_Good_Friday.mp3
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Today our Father invites you into His loving embrace! As you sit in His lap, He speaks to you of a great promise: your resurrection from the dead!

Direct download: 4-2-17_10am.mp3
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Our Father is calling us to rejoice in anticipation of the victory of His Son, Jesus, over sin and death. St. Paul and King David exhort us to turn to Jesus and turn our backs to darkness. Our being touched by the victory of Jesus helps us to embrace our mission here at St. Louise.

Direct download: 3-26-17-1.mp3
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Jesus desires to lead you to new heights! Let's take a look at two ways we can allow Jesus to bring us to an experience where we behold His glory, beauty and splendor!

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Through our worship, our Father nourishes our faith, increases our hope and strengthens our charity.

Direct download: 3-5-17_10am.mp3
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Jesus, in today's gospel, reveals His tremendous zeal for His Father! As we turn to Jesus in all the ordinary circumstances of our life, He inspires us to have an unshakable trust in our Father's loving goodness!

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Jesus is waiting for you to open the door, welcome Him in and allow Him to take His proper place in your life. If you do so, He will serve eviction papers to your unwanted guests!

Direct download: 2-12-17_10am.mp3
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Today, Jesus is ready to entrust us with His Mission and send us forth in His Name to be the salt and light of the world. A look back will prepare us to embrace our mission with confidence!

Direct download: 2-5-17.mp3
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Jesus' love for us is far more expansive than the four walls of our Church! Today He reveals how we are to welcome Him into our daily lives!

Direct download: 1-29-17.mp3
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We praise our Father for His promise and we discover how Jesus will break into our daily lives!

Direct download: 1-22-17_10am.mp3
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Today you will encounter and meet the Lamb of God and the Son of God! How will you recognize Him? Upon Him whom you see the Holy Spirit descend and remain, He is the Lamb of God!

Direct download: 1-15-17.mp3
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Today, the Bride of Jesus has asked for an extraordinary grace for you and in asking she also reveals something essential about our faith in Jesus.

Direct download: 1-8-17.mp3
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What would happen if you were to welcome and receive the gift of faith in Jesus? God's Holy Word reveals three things that would happen to you and your life!  Let us also seek a confirmation of these three things in the life of the Mother of Jesus!

Direct download: 1-1-17_9am.mp3
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