Jesus is risen, alleluia!

Jesus has risen victorious over sin and death! He's alive and invites us to a relationship of friendship! Before we celebrate fully Jesus' victory, let's allow Him to remove the blinders that result from the way we live our life!

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With the proclamation of Jesus' Passion, our Father reveals how amazing His love is for us! Let us draw near to Jesus this Holy Week so we can console Him with our love!

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As we draw near to Jesus, we see our lives in the light of His merciful love. This experience inspires us to allow Jesus to change and transform us!

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Through this whole season of Lent, Jesus has been preparing us for an awesome encounter with our loving and merciful Father! As Jesus speaks to us about His Father in today's Gospel, let us draw near to our Father's heart!

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An exciting road trip to Hebron and Mount Horeb will open us up to an all embracing encounter with our Good and Loving Father! Our Father's encounter with Abraham and Moses will help us experience how awesome and glorious our Catholic Faith is!

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