Let's go to Nazareth and Corinth to discover our Father's plan in Jesus' mission and how we are called to continue His mission!

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Now is not the time of Judgment. Now is the time of Mercy! When we place our lives in our Father's hands, He silences and crushes the judgments raised against us and makes our lives beautiful!

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What's holding you back from claiming the inheritance of abundant and eternal life which is yours in Christ Jesus through your baptism?

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As we take a look at three decisions our Father has made, we'll be inspired to respond with faith. He has established Jesus as the only Way to a loving and lasting relationship with Him; He has chosen to need us; and He desires us to have a special relationship with Our Blessed Mother.

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We'll take a road trip to the river Jordan, Bethlehem and Cana to draw near to three Epiphanies of Jesus. At each site, we'll make a discovery that will impact how we live out our faith!

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