Our Father has prepared a most wondrous gift for you. Your welcoming and receiving this gift will be a defining moment and turning point in your life!

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What Jesus has done for you and what He does for you is a cool test to see if something is true or not. Let's take a look at this idea: "I have no sin!" to see if it is true or not.

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III Sunday of Advent: Gaudete - December 11, 2016

What's holding you back from responding with all your heart to our Lord's invitation to rejoice?

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The proclamation of the Word of God ought to inspire you to have a great confidence in Jesus! If you're not inspired, why is that?

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Summoning us to the glory of now being called a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a Holy nation...to proclaim everywhere your mighty works!


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The total acceptance of Jesus as your King, Lord and Savior is the only way to heaven!

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How do you respond to the gift of Jesus? Your response impacts how you live. How you live impacts how you die. How you die impacts how you will live forever. Will your response lead you to the purifying fire of purgatory?

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What happens when we die? Jesus and only Jesus can overcome our fears!

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In His Holy Gospel, Jesus reveals the make up of our parish family and speaks a Word of love and power to each group!

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Our Father speaks to us and shows us the path of life. Without obedience, not only will our life not get better, but we also risk our eternal salvation. 
Direct download: 10-9-16.mp3
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When you arrive at the Awesome Judgment Seat of Christ, what will He ask you; what will He show you?

Direct download: 10-2-16_10am.mp3
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The Word of God, the prayers of the Bride of Jesus, and the actions of Jesus all encourage us to live our life for the Lord!

Direct download: 9_25_16_10am.mp3
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Jesus brings us to a fork in the road of our life's journey! He engages us as He invites us to make a decision: will we live our lives for ourselves or for Him?

Direct download: 9_18_16_10am.mp3
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In His Gospel, Jesus gives us a powerful image of His Mission and our Mission.

Direct download: 9-11-16.mp3
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Understanding the covenant we enter into anew and the promise we renew every time we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus will unlock the floodgates of our Lord's blessings upon our lives!

Direct download: 9_4_16_10am.mp3
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A teaching of St. John Chrysostom shows us 5 ways we can allow Jesus to calm our storms and experience His love and mercy!

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Direct download: 8_21_16__Marriage_Blessing.mp3
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Our Father has chosen to communicate His love and an unshakable hope to us through a very common experience.

Direct download: 8_21_16__10am.mp3
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Drawing near to the Word of God, let's listen attentively to what our Father is saying to us. As we look at our response to the Word of God, we'll see three initiatives that we are launching here at St. Louise.

Direct download: 8_14_16_10am.mp3
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There is a life changing power in communion with the Body and Blood of Jesus! St. John Marie Vianney will give us the key to unlock the treasure of God's grace!

Direct download: 8_7_16_10am.mp3
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Isaiah, Abraham, Martha, and Mary have something to tell you that will not just change your life but the course of history!

Direct download: 7-17-16_10am.mp3
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What would happen to our neighborhoods, our families, and our workplaces if we did that which Jesus asks of us?

Direct download: 7-10-16_Noon.mp3
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"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and you will find rest for your souls" Matthew 11:29 What would it be like if your heart moved in the same way as the heart of Jesus! Three special guests today will help us rediscover the beauty of and how glorious our life in Jesus is!

Direct download: 7-3-16_10am.mp3
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St. Aloysius' "yes" to Jesus will help us discern how it is that Jesus is calling us to follow Him! As we are inspired by St. Aloysius' "yes" to Jesus, we will experience the amazing freedom that Jesus won for us on the Cross!

Direct download: 6_26_16_Noon.mp3
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"Through faith you are all children of God in Christ Jesus!" Zechariah and Paul pay us a visit to reveal a gift our Father desires to lavish upon us! Our Savior reveals both a gift the Father desires to give us and the greatest gift we can offer our Father!

Direct download: 6_19_16_10am.mp3
Category:Homily -- posted at: 6:55pm PDT

A pilgrimage to Zarephath, Galatia and Nain will help us discover the power of a righteous man's prayers.

Direct download: 06_05_16_10am.mp3
Category:Homily -- posted at: 2:19pm PDT

A pilgrimage to Orvieto will confirm our faith that the Eucharist is really and truly the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus.

Direct download: 5_29_16.mp3
Category:Homily -- posted at: 1:47pm PDT

God our Father so desires to answer the cry that arises from deep within our hearts. The accuser and our adversary seeks to fill us with noise, confusion, and accusations so that the proclamation of the Good News will fall on deaf ears. Our Father answers the cry with the outpouring of His love, the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Direct download: 5_15_16_10am.mp3
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During this Easter Season, we have been rejoicing for all that Jesus has accomplished for our salvation. Today, with the feast of His Ascension to the right hand of our Father, we will cast our gaze on heaven and the great hope we have in Jesus.

Direct download: 5_8_16_10am.mp3
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Jeff Cavins offers us an insight as to why we hesitate to share our faith! In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we discover a bold and beautiful proclamation of the whole Gospel!

Direct download: 4_24_16_10am.mp3
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Our reasons to rejoice increase and multiply as we move forward in this Easter Season! Sts. Paul and Barnabas show us what will happen to Warren as we boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus!

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The Bride of Jesus overflows with joy as we celebrate Jesus' Victory over death! Jesus' Victory has the power to touch and transform ever moment of our life. Let's draw near to Jesus so His Joy may be ours!

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The Holy Bride of Jesus gives us three reasons to rejoice: Water, Spirit, and Blood! As we enter into the most glorious family room in the universe(the sanctuary of our Church), we are reconciled, nourished and sent forth!

Direct download: 4_3_16.mp3
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Jesus is risen, alleluia!

Jesus has risen victorious over sin and death! He's alive and invites us to a relationship of friendship! Before we celebrate fully Jesus' victory, let's allow Him to remove the blinders that result from the way we live our life!

Direct download: 3_26_16_Easter_Vigil.mp3
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With the proclamation of Jesus' Passion, our Father reveals how amazing His love is for us! Let us draw near to Jesus this Holy Week so we can console Him with our love!

Direct download: 3_20_16_10am.mp3
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As we draw near to Jesus, we see our lives in the light of His merciful love. This experience inspires us to allow Jesus to change and transform us!

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Through this whole season of Lent, Jesus has been preparing us for an awesome encounter with our loving and merciful Father! As Jesus speaks to us about His Father in today's Gospel, let us draw near to our Father's heart!

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An exciting road trip to Hebron and Mount Horeb will open us up to an all embracing encounter with our Good and Loving Father! Our Father's encounter with Abraham and Moses will help us experience how awesome and glorious our Catholic Faith is!

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Our Father desires to crush the evil one's most dangerous work in our hearts: a distrust of our Father's loving goodness. Pastor Timothy Keller's teaching on Genesis 15 will offers insights to understand how our Father accomplished this when Jesus was on the Cross!

Direct download: 2_21_16.mp3
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Jesus came "to destroy the works of the devil" (I John 3:8). It's no surprise Lent begins with Jesus victory over the evil one in the desert. Lent is about Jesus' desire to be victorious in our hearts and lives!

Direct download: 2_14_16.mp3
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A sweet road trip to Jerusalem and Galilee will give us a greater appreciation of what Our Father offers us during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

Direct download: 2_7_16__10am.mp3
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As we seek from our Father the answer to three fundamental questions about our life, we are set free from frustration, anger, sadness and depression!

Direct download: 1_31_16_10am.mp3
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Let's go to Nazareth and Corinth to discover our Father's plan in Jesus' mission and how we are called to continue His mission!

Direct download: 1_24_16__10am.mp3
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Now is not the time of Judgment. Now is the time of Mercy! When we place our lives in our Father's hands, He silences and crushes the judgments raised against us and makes our lives beautiful!

Direct download: 01_17_16.mp3
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What's holding you back from claiming the inheritance of abundant and eternal life which is yours in Christ Jesus through your baptism?

Direct download: 01_10_16.mp3
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As we take a look at three decisions our Father has made, we'll be inspired to respond with faith. He has established Jesus as the only Way to a loving and lasting relationship with Him; He has chosen to need us; and He desires us to have a special relationship with Our Blessed Mother.

Direct download: 1_1_16.mp3
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We'll take a road trip to the river Jordan, Bethlehem and Cana to draw near to three Epiphanies of Jesus. At each site, we'll make a discovery that will impact how we live out our faith!

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