Jesus so desires to engage each one of us! He has something to tell us. He has something to ask of us. Some of us might object: I'm just a kid. Adults are important. What could Jesus possibly have to say to me? Others might object: I am old now and I have so many aches and pains. My life is simple and hidden. Lastly, some of us might object: I have such an ordinary life. I go to work and do the same thing day after day. Plus, I don't have my act together. By getting to know some people just like us and their stories, we shall see that Jesus has something to say to all of us.

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Last Sunday, we saw the contrast between Jesus' public ministry and our experience of the faith today, which seems to be simply a private matter. This Sunday, we look at how we can set Jesus free, so that we can experience Jesus walking on our streets, with us in our homes and at work with us.

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Jesus' public ministry offers us much light to understand what ought to be our experience of faith in 2015.

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Why does Jesus want to manifest Himself to us? As we draw near to Jesus in His three epiphanies which we celebrate today, we can hear our Lord's voice and understand Jesus' desire.

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What's new about our lives? When we try to manage our own lives, things become old quickly! The wisdom of the saints offer us an alternative!

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