Mother Theresa's life of merciful love offers us a key to discover a new dimension to HOW Jesus is the WAY for all of us to a loving and lasting relationship with our Father: He has chosen to need us!
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Our Father rejoices mightily with the birth of our Savior! In Jesus, True Son of God and true son of Mary, He has established the Way for all of us to enter into a loving and lasting relationship with Him!

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Our Father wants us to draw near to Him so He can show us a new way to live. As long as our life depends upon getting what we want, we'll never know the joy and peace that knowing and loving Jesus brings about. Zephaniah and St. Paul show us two ways we can draw near to our Father to learn this new way of life.

Direct download: 12_13_15.mp3
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An experience and a road trip to Rome and Jerusalem to help us understand the importance of making a good confession as part of our Advent preparation to welcome Jesus into our lives!

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What would happen if we recognized and accepted Jesus power and authority over our lives?

Direct download: 11_29_15.mp3
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Today, let us praise and acknowledge the authority and power of our King, Jesus! As more and more of us acknowledge and accept Jesus' authority and power, He will accomplish mighty deeds in our midst.

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I love Jesus: ever since I opened my life to Jesus, I've experienced His Amazing Love! He speaks to me.  He listens to me and guides me. This experience of Jesus' Love is why I love to be His priest. As we launch our Jesus First campaign, we will strive to best equip our parish family, facilities and staff to facilitate an encounter with Jesus for as many people as possible!

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Jesus' victory in the lives of the saints and a disturbing phone conversation lead us to revisit the question: how can we have a relationship with Jesus?

Direct download: 11_1_15_10am.mp3
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When we open our life to Jesus, Christian prayer: i) gives us access to the Father, ii) changes us and situations, iii) is honest, sincere, unceasing and involves conversion.

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This Sunday, we take a look at the question how can we have faith? We'll take a look at three proofs/reasons that show that not only can we have a relationship with Jesus, but also we can be sure and certain that we do.

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As we grow in our understanding and experience of how Jesus' Death washes away our sins and sets us free, it becomes natural for us to tell others what Jesus has done for us!

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Last week, after looking at three objections to the Christian message, this week, we'll go a little deeper and look at the question: who is Jesus? First, we'll look at three common responses to this question found in our parish community and then we'll look at three things Jesus said and did.

Direct download: 10_4_15_10am.mp3
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Drawing from the Alpha experience, let's take a look and respond to three objections to the Gospel of Jesus: Christianity is boring, untrue, and irrelevant.

Direct download: 9_27_15.mp3
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A heart to heart conversation with Jesus and a road trip to Bethany and Milan will allow us to discover the new way of life He so desires for us! Alpha is the St. Ambrose that will open that life up for us!

Direct download: 8_30_15_10am.mp3
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Joshua is passionate about life! Going through the motions is not a fitting response to the mighty deeds of our Savior! Spiritual reading helps form our interior dispositions to allow Jesus' amazing love to have an impact on our lives!

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Jesus' victory over sin and death, which we celebrate every Sunday, becomes ours when we receive His Most Holy Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist! The Holy Rosary is a wonderful means to prepare us to share more fully in Jesus' victory in our daily lives!

Direct download: 8_16_15_10am.mp3
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As we grow in our spiritual life, the seven pillars become wonderful means for us to draw near to Jesus in our daily life. Today, we'll take a look at how the Holy Bible is an awesome way for us to encounter Jesus and be taught by Him!

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Jesus' love for you is amazing! He so desires you to experience this transforming love in a special way at Holy Mass. We'll take a look at our Lord's special relationship with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus to discover a great way to prepare ourselves for Holy Mass.

Direct download: 8_2_15__10am.mp3
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In last Sunday's Gospel, we experienced Jesus' desire that we draw near to Him! In this Sunday's Gospel, He reveals what He asks of us. In the Sacrament of Confession, when we give Jesus that which He asks of us, wonderful things begin to happen!

Direct download: 7_26_15__10am.mp3
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Jesus is aware and concerned about our welfare and happiness.  When we're worn down by life, He invites us to withdraw and draw near to Him!
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The vocation of the prophet Isaiah offers us insight on how our Lord calls each one of at every Holy Mass!

Direct download: 7_12_15_8am.mp3
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What does Jesus want us to become? If we can't answer this question, we don't have an identity and others won't join our parish family. As we draw near to Jesus and discover the answer, exciting things will begin to happen!

Direct download: 7_5_15_8am.mp3
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Jesus' response to human misery is that of compassion, mercy, and love. What is our response to human misery? A teaching of Father Samuel will help us become a part of the great adventure of salvation in Christ Jesus!

Direct download: 6_21_15_10am.mp3
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Precisely because the world cannot satisfy man's yearning for happiness, so many people are hungry, thirsty and wounded. What is Jesus' response to man's hunger, thirst and wounds?

Direct download: 6_14_15.mp3
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Our God who is love delights to show us His Love in the Most Blessed Sacrament! To have a deeper knowledge and love of Jesus in the Eucharist, we'll take a journey through the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. 
Direct download: 6_7_15.mp3
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Our homily this Sunday will have three parts:

part I) St. John the Evangelist will come and speak to us about who God is;


part II) we'll look at a question that the living God addresses to each one of us;


part III) we'll take a look at various responses we make to this question.

Direct download: 5_31_15_8am.mp3
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In Jesus's resurrection, He reveals to us His desire to continue to love and serve us. An obstacle to our experiencing the fullness of life Jesus offers us is the tension we experience between all the urgent things that consume our time and energy and that which is important. There is a remedy!

Direct download: 5_24_15__10am.mp3
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How beautiful and attractive a soul that has a lively faith in Jesus and a docility to the Holy Spirit! We see this in the lives of St. Paul and Silas: they had such faith in Jesus that even in the midst of trials, they knew that nothing could separate them from the love of Christ and that all things work unto the good for those of us who love God!

Direct download: 5_17_15_Noon.mp3
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A road trip to Caesarea, Ephesus, the Upper Room, and a surprise destination wil help us encounter Jesus and grow in our love for Him and one another!

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That which Jesus is offering you is extraordinary! Let's get to know the story of Mother Theresa of Calcutta to discover what our life will look like if we say "Yes" to Jesus!

Direct download: 5_3_15__8am.mp3
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Why do we spend so many years with our mom and dad? What's the most important lesson we learn from our parents? Through our baptism and the Holy Eucharist, God our Father teaches us the very same lesson!

Direct download: 4_26_15_First_Communion.mp3
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Jesus desires to be your good shepherd! There are three things Jesus will bring about if you accept His invitation!

Direct download: 4_26_15_10am.mp3
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The transformation Jesus desires to bring about in our hearts, lives and the life of our parish is evident throughout the prayers of Holy Church and God's Word this Easter Season! 

Direct download: 4_19_15_8am.mp3
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What is God our Father's response to the resurrection of His Son, Jesus and what is the impact of Jesus' resurrection on our lives? Let's take a look at an experience of the power of Jesus' love upon our lives to answer these two questions!

Direct download: EASTER_SUNDAY_4_5_15.mp3
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Our Savior, hanging upon the Cross, has something very special to say to each one of us! It's precisely entering Church and drawing near to Jesus on the Cross that we discover why our Church is holy: it is the privileged place Jesus has chosen for us to encounter Him and enter into communion with His Divine Life!

Direct download: Good_Friday_4_3_15.mp3
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The loneliness we experience in life stands in sharp contrast with the communion Jesus offers us! Jesus stands at the foot of the altar and invites us to take His hand and experience His Divine Life.

Direct download: Holy_Thursday_4_2_15.mp3
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Our parish family celebrated the solemn and somber funeral rites for Staff Sergeant Marcus Bawol this past Thursday. Because Marcus understood his goal: to protect our nation from its enemies, he embraced with love, dedication and courage the discipline and training necessary for him to accomplish his goal. This Holy Week, we'll draw near to our Savior as He embraces His discipline and training. What was Jesus' goal? Why did He embrace His suffering and death?

Direct download: 3_29_15.mp3
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The experience of unending frustrations can cause us to give up on life. A right understanding of what happiness is offers us a way out. Drawing near to Jesus on the Cross, we discover the nature of love and life and happiness!

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St. Paul speaks to us of the gift of God in his letter to the Ephesians. What impact does this gift have on our lives? In order to receive this gift, what does the Father ask of us?

Direct download: 3_15_15.mp3
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In His Holy Gospel, Jesus is always revealing His plan on our lives! In today's Gospel, we encounter Jesus' desire to lead us in an ascent that will allow us to behold His Glory. Although fear causes us to hesitate, what we experience in Holy Mass ought to set us free of fear and fill us with a lively confidence in our Lord's goodness and love!

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What gets in the way of Jesus having an impact on our lives?  The temptations the evil one brought against our Lord are used against us as traps and chains. What would happen if we let go and place our lives in Jesus' Hands?



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Where will our Lenten journey lead us and how and why will we get there?

Direct download: Ash_Wednesday_7pm.mp3
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What will our life look like as the contrast between Jesus' Public Ministry and our experience of the faith today begins to diminish? By drawing close to Jesus in today's gospel and what Jesus did in the life of my friend two weeks ago, we'll find our answer!

Direct download: 2_15_15_10_am_Mass.mp3
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As more and more of us welcome and invite Jesus into our homes and lives, we experience Jesus' loving gaze both towards others and towards our Father in heaven. Two initiatives we'll be embracing in our parish family will be facilitating Jesus desire to form us as His family, with a loving gaze towards others and towards our Father!

Direct download: 2_8_15.mp3
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How is Jesus going to help us to accomplish our mission? We find the answer in the Holy Gospels. St. Mark tells us that on a particular occasion, Jesus sat and taught His people at great length. Jesus so desires to do the same with each of us. He wants to sit down with us, as He is not in a hurry or a rush; He doesn't have something more important than you! Welcoming and inviting Jesus to be with us opens our eyes to the gifts that our Lord has given us and how it is that Jesus is asking us to use them to build up His Kingdom!
Direct download: 2_1_15.mp3
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Jesus so desires to engage each one of us! He has something to tell us. He has something to ask of us. Some of us might object: I'm just a kid. Adults are important. What could Jesus possibly have to say to me? Others might object: I am old now and I have so many aches and pains. My life is simple and hidden. Lastly, some of us might object: I have such an ordinary life. I go to work and do the same thing day after day. Plus, I don't have my act together. By getting to know some people just like us and their stories, we shall see that Jesus has something to say to all of us.

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Last Sunday, we saw the contrast between Jesus' public ministry and our experience of the faith today, which seems to be simply a private matter. This Sunday, we look at how we can set Jesus free, so that we can experience Jesus walking on our streets, with us in our homes and at work with us.

Direct download: 1_18_15__10am.mp3
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Jesus' public ministry offers us much light to understand what ought to be our experience of faith in 2015.

Direct download: 1_11_15_Noon.mp3
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Why does Jesus want to manifest Himself to us? As we draw near to Jesus in His three epiphanies which we celebrate today, we can hear our Lord's voice and understand Jesus' desire.

Direct download: 1_4_15__10am.mp3
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What's new about our lives? When we try to manage our own lives, things become old quickly! The wisdom of the saints offer us an alternative!

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