Our Father so desires to take us by the hand and lead us into the Holy House of Nazareth to discover the meaning, purpose, and dignity of our lives by participating in the life of love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

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As the years pass, the contrast of the splendor of this night and the darkness and uncertainty of the world becomes ever more stark! The Nativity of Jesus reveals how much our Father loves and cares about us ! How shall we respond to ths tremendous gift of our Father?

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The Nativity of our Savior, Jesus, reveals our Father's ardent desire to enter into and form a meaningful relationship with us His children! Especially at Holy Mass, our Father reveals to us all the love He has shown us; He renews His commitment to always be there for us; and in the Holy Eucharist, He shows how much He loves us right now.

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What does a beautiful and meaningful relationship look like? The fullness of love is present in its three dimensions. This is precisely the relationship that our Father desires to have with us and which He offers us in Holy Mass!


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Our Father is so desirous to give us an extraordinary gift: to recognize, believe and love Jesus' real presence in the Blessed Sacrament! The greatness of St. John the Baptist is that his whole being pointed to the coming and presence of Jesus! Isaiah explains why Jesus came: He loves to be our Savior. Jesus Savior is the cause of our rejoicing!

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Our Father loves to hear the voice of the Bride of Christ, Holy Mother Church. And when Holy Church prays, she is also teaches us to pray. In all three prayers of today's Mass, Holy Church teaches us what our focus and goal in life ought to be.

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