Our Father so desires to take us by the hand and lead us into the Holy House of Nazareth to discover the meaning, purpose, and dignity of our lives by participating in the life of love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

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As the years pass, the contrast of the splendor of this night and the darkness and uncertainty of the world becomes ever more stark! The Nativity of Jesus reveals how much our Father loves and cares about us ! How shall we respond to ths tremendous gift of our Father?

Direct download: 12_25_14_Midnight.mp3
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The Nativity of our Savior, Jesus, reveals our Father's ardent desire to enter into and form a meaningful relationship with us His children! Especially at Holy Mass, our Father reveals to us all the love He has shown us; He renews His commitment to always be there for us; and in the Holy Eucharist, He shows how much He loves us right now.

Direct download: 12_24_14_4pm.mp3
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What does a beautiful and meaningful relationship look like? The fullness of love is present in its three dimensions. This is precisely the relationship that our Father desires to have with us and which He offers us in Holy Mass!


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Our Father is so desirous to give us an extraordinary gift: to recognize, believe and love Jesus' real presence in the Blessed Sacrament! The greatness of St. John the Baptist is that his whole being pointed to the coming and presence of Jesus! Isaiah explains why Jesus came: He loves to be our Savior. Jesus Savior is the cause of our rejoicing!

Direct download: Homily_12_14_14_8am_Mass.mp3
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Our Father loves to hear the voice of the Bride of Christ, Holy Mother Church. And when Holy Church prays, she is also teaches us to pray. In all three prayers of today's Mass, Holy Church teaches us what our focus and goal in life ought to be.

Direct download: FMSHomily113014.m4a
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Holy Church so exults and rejoices today in her Glorious King and Savior, Jesus! Why is Jesus not enthroned in your heart and over your life? As we allow Jesus to reign over all aspects of our life, we experience the transforming power of our Father's love and our own mission!

Direct download: FCSHomily112314.m4a
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At times, we can live a life consumed by our preoccupations with work, family, finances, and our possessions. The Good News is that Jesus didn't die on the Cross so that we can be enslaved to such things. Jesus so desires to set us free so that we can discover our gifts and our Father's plan on our life!

Direct download: FCSHomily111614.m4a
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God our Father is not indifferent about our presence in Church. He has taken the initiative and has a plan for our lives in Christ Jesus! In order to accomplish His plan, our Father wants to bring about a major renovation of our hearts. 


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Jesus, as we heard in today's Holy Gospel, so desires to walk with us, open our hearts to understand Sacred Scripture, and give us a glimpse of the vision of God! Jesus leads us to the gate of Heaven and opens to us a vision of the Church Triumphant, the Church Militant, and the Church Suffering.

Direct download: FCSHomily110214.m4a
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A contrast between the culture of the world and the culture of the Gospel, together with an image of Saint Paul help to prepare us to encounter our Savior in the Gospel.

Direct download: FCSHomily102514.m4a
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Once again, we take a look at the culture of the world's view of God and how it stands in sharp contrast to the culture of the Gospel that Jesus reveals to us. Every Sunday, Jesus greets us at the doors of our Church; He embraces us and shows us the many tangible signs of the love of our Father for us. How we respond to this revelation of love is very revealing!


Direct download: FCSHomily100414.m4a
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In and through Jesus, our Father invites us to draw near. As we respond, we encounter the Father as He holds the Cross of Jesus in His arms, supporting and embracing His Son. We hear the Father's voice as He gives us a task, just as we see in today's Holy Gospel. What is the Father asking of us?

Direct download: FCSHomily092814.m4a
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In today's Holy Gospel, John 3:16, we can hear a very personal invitation of Jesus to draw near to Him so that He may speak to us one on one, heart to heart. Our response to this conversation with Jesus is very revealing!

Direct download: FCSHomily091414.m4a
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What our Lord asks of us in today's Gospel is both challenging and difficult. It goes against the grain and stands in contrast to the way many of us were raised.When someone hurt or offends us, our gut reaction is to write them off, to "x" them out of our lives. Jesus challenges us to take another approach!

Direct download: FCSHomily090714_10.m4a
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Jesus reveals to us that the Cross is the only way to Eternal Happiness. Our fear or aversion to the Cross is among the greatest obstacles to our growth in holiness.

Direct download: FCSHomily083114_10.m4a
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Jesus so desires to bring about a transformation in our parish family. He wants to draw us from the large crowd that follows Him to become a part of the inner circle of His intimate friends. We'll take a look at how Jesus accomplished this in the life of St. Peter to gain insight on how we can favor the transformation within ourselves.

Direct download: FCSHomily082414_12.m4a
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St. John Paul II offers us a tremendous insight to understand the dignity of the human person and to appreciate what true friendship is. The apostles, our Blessed Mother and the holy women enjoyed three years of true friendship with Jesus. Our Lord offer us this very same grace!

Direct download: FCSHomily081714.m4a
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Jesus stands at the door of our heart and is so desirous to break into our lives and to have an impact on our lives. Our Blessed Mother is a most wonderful guardian of our heart as she helps us to remove the unwanted guests so that we can hear the soft knocking of Jesus.

Direct download: FCSHomily081414.m4a
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Our fidelity to prayer allows us to encounter our Mighty Savior, Jesus, in the midsts of the storms of life.

Direct download: FCSHomily081014_10.m4a
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Is there a relationship between our willingness to trust one another and our trust in the Lord's goodness and power? Both in the collect and in the Gospel, we encounter our Lord's desire to draw near to us to work wondrous deeds on our behalf and to feed and nourish us. In drawing near, though, our Lord asks something of us. 

Direct download: FCSHomily080314.m4a
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Our life on this earth is not an end or the end of our existence, but rather, it is a means to reach our end. When we error in this regard, life can begin to tire us out, frustrate us and even anger us. Our heavenly Father comes to our aid this Sunday by sending us three persons: Solomon, St. Paul, and our Lord!

Direct download: FCSHomily072714.m4a
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What should we pray about? When we don't pray often, we are stretched beyond our limits and experience brokenness. In our brokenness, God our Father judges us with clemency; the Holy Spirit comes to our aid; and God the Son teaches us wisdom. 

Direct download: FCSHomily072014.m4a
Category:Homily -- posted at: 5:03am PDT

Our life of prayer as seen by our Lord. Jesus stands in our midst and invites us to draw near so that He can grant us the rest we so desire. We must never stop praying. Once we understand three of the phases of prayer, we can renew our commitment to remain faithful to our life of prayer.

Direct download: FCSHomily070614.m4a
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The theme of the homily is: learning to see as God sees. Our Lord, when He casts His gaze of love upon us, sees in us His brothers and sisters. Our calling is to become God's family and to stop being strangers to one another in the pews. A teaching of Fr. Samuel, osb, will help us to strive to see as our Lord does.

Direct download: FCSHomily062914.m4a
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Whose child are you? How you answer that question will reveal much about your relationship with our Heavenly Father and to what degree you understand the tremendous gift He offers you in the Body and Blood of His Son, Jesus!

Direct download: FCSHomily062214.m4a
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Jesus so desires to enter our hearts and establish His peace! This evening we'll take a road trip to three places to unlock the mysteries of today's Solemnity of Pentecost: Mount Sunapee in New Hampshire, your hearts, and a friends house. The lessons we learn on Mount Sunapee we will see played out in our hearts. We'll then learn about true friendship from Aristotle to understand the transformation Jesus wants to bring about in our lives and community.

Direct download: FCSHomily060814.m4a
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God our Father rejoiced mightily when His Son, Jesus, ascended to His Right Hand! In Jesus' Most Sacred Humanity, at last, a son of Adam has entered definitively into the eternal life of love for which we were created! Our life of faith ought to be lived out in anticipation of our participation in the great wedding feast of Jesus and His Bride, the Church!

Direct download: FCSHomily060114.m4a
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In the Gospel, Jesus reveals how desirous He is to enter depths of our heart. Why do we hold back? What happens if we welcome Jesus into our hearts?

Direct download: FCSHomily052514.m4a
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Our Parish Mission Statement is exciting and offers us guidance as our parish moves forward! With the light of today's Gospel, let's take a look at our mission statement and what is holding us back.

Direct download: FCSHomily051814.m4a
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The offertory prayer offers us an insight to understand the renewal that Jesus desires to bring about in our lives. After casting our gaze upon Jesus, we then look to our mothers to love and honor them.

Direct download: FCSHomily051114.m4a
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In today's Gospel, why is Jesus speaking about sin first thing on Easter Sunday morning? To answer this question, we are going to take a little road trip and visit three places: 1) the Holy House of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Nazareth; 2) the center of hell; and 3) your homes.

Direct download: FCSHomily042714.m4a
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To understand more fully how Jesus' Death and Resurrection destroy the power of death, it's helpful for us to first take a look at what a life under the power of death looks like. In conclusion, we discover once again that it's within the sanctuary of Holy Church, the most glorious living room in the universe, that we can touch and enter into communion with Jesus' power!

Direct download: FCSEaster2014.m4a
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In so many ways, our Lord has revealed that He has chosen to save us as a family. In the solemn liturgy of Holy Thursday, Jesus confirms this truth with the washing of the disciples feet and the institution of the Most Holy Eucharist. The sanctuary of our Catholic Church is truly the most glorious living room in the universe. We discover that there is a most Holy Couple that dwells there and lives out the Divine life in our presence: Jesus and His Bride, Holy Church!

Direct download: FCSHolyThursday2014.m4a
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Our Lord's friendship with Martha, Mary, and Lazarus offers us insights into how He has chosen to save us. Friendship with Jesus offers us the way out of the darkness of a frustrated existence. 

Direct download: FCSHomily040614.m4a
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Pope Paul VI was frightened not so much that people were in the darkness but that people have grown accustomed to and have settled into the darkness.  The homily takes a look at two aspects of what life in the darkness is like.

Direct download: FCSHomily033014.m4a
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During the holy seasons of Lent and Easter, we frequently encounter the theme of renewal of our hearts and minds. Once we understand the distinction between a value and an ideal, we begin to understand how our Lord brings this renewal about. 

Direct download: FCSHomily031614.m4a
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A prayerful meditation on Jesus' victory over the three temptations of the father of lies. 

Direct download: FCSHomily030914.m4a
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A passage from the prophet Jeremiah offers us an image of what Jesus desires to accomplish in us through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 

Direct download: FCSHomily022314.m4a
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The analogy of a good college basketball coach, although not perfect, is helpful for us to understand how married couples encounter Jesus through sacrament of holy matrimony. 

Direct download: FCSHomily021614.m4a
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St. Peter's discovery on Easter Sunday sheds light on what happens every Sunday at Holy Mass. St. Francis de Sales teaching about the soul helps us identify an obstacle to Jesus' love transforming our lives. 

Direct download: FCSHomily020914.m4a
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Just as Jesus brought His light and salvation to Simeon in his old age, so too does Jesus through His priests bring us healing and salvation in our old age or when we are in danger of death.  St. Alphonsus teaches about the three reasons why we fear death.  Through the sacrament of anointing of the sick, Jesus casts out from our hearts those three fears.

Direct download: FCSHomily020214.m4a
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As the young general, Constantine, prepared to do battle against Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D., he understood that he needed the help of a higher power. He had lost confidence in the traditional Roman gods and so he prayed to the True God that He would reveal Himself to him and stretch forth His right arm to help him. In response to this prayer, Jesus showed Constantine His Glorious Cross in the sky and Constantine saw the words: In hoc Signo vinces: in this Sign you shall conquer. Constantine then had his entire army place the Cross on their shields and they went on to rout Maxentius and his army. The prayer of Constantine, the tangible sign of the Cross, and the victory that followed changed the course of history. The Sacrament of Confirmation has many similarities to this prayerful encounter between Jesus and Constantine. The rest of the homily took a look at the comparisons between those two events: battle of the Milvian Bridge and Confirmation.

Direct download: FCSHomily012614.m4a
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Just as physical ailments are passed from generation to generation so are spiritual ailments and in particular original sin. Baptism unites us intimately to Jesus' death and resurrection, makes us adopted sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, and sets us free from original sin. 

Direct download: FCSHomily011214.m4a
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A decisive moment in the marriage and life of Peter and Debbie Herbeck offers us an insight to the importance of praying with our whole being: body, soul, and spirit.  The homily presents a brief look at kneeling in prayer.

Direct download: FCSHomily010514.m4a
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What is it that God our Father is asking of you? We can begin to answer this question by reflecting on why the Most Holy Trinity delights so much in the Blessed Virgin Mary. Holy Mary accepted the Father's love for her in Jesus and she responded by making the total gift of herself to her Son's Gospel!

Direct download: FCSHomily010114.m4a
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