"I still have much to learn!" These words of the 94 year old Cardinal Mayer help us all to acknowledge that our knowledge of most things in life is superficial. This is the great blessing of the alpha course: it allows us the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of our faith. 

"Why did Jesus die?" is a question that we all know how to answer: to save us from our sins. The follow up question is more challenging: how did Jesus' death save us from our sins. In the homily, we looked at the consequences of our sins and how Jesus' death saves us from sin. 

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The experience of deer hunting offers an insight to the value and importance of the Alpha sessions and gives rise to an exhortation to the youth inspired by the Gospel of the dishonest steward. 

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Three times in today's Holy Gospel, our Lord invites us to share in His joy and to rejoice with all the saints and angels in heaven.  The post Communion prayer and an image inspired from the parable of the prodigal son help us to understand how we can share more fully in God's rejoicing.

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St. Francis de Sales' insights into the joys of heaven helps us to understand the special relationship that Holy Mary enjoys with her Divine Son. Mary's being the mother of Jesus and His first disciple makes her a credible and convincing witness of the Gospel, the "Good News," that we are loved by God and redeemed by Jesus' Passion, Death and Resurrection.

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