The litmus test that helps us to understand how blessed we are at OLGC to have two wonderful initiatives of the New Evangelization in the works and already bearing fruit, the Alpha program for Catholics and the OLGC smartphone application (app) for the iOS and Android platforms. In addition to the parish website, the parish maintains a Facebook page, a YouTube page, a blog page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram page. 

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Both in the book of Genesis and in today's Holy Gospel, we see how our Lord draws near to us. Our living in a rut and or our living in the lions' den impede our ability to recognize our Lord's nearness and hear His voice. What our Lord did for us on Holy Thursday allows us to arise from our darkness and encounter our Lord in one another.

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The tremendous insight of the Second Vatican Council that God saves us not as individuals but as a family guides our reflection on today's Holy Gospel.  A common error and something we lack gets in the way of our living out this truth to the fullest.  St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catechism offer us the truth and the remedy to open our ears to the sweet pleadings of our Lord.

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